Healthcare Cloud – Assess, Plan, Deploy

Business Challenge

The healthcare cloud is finally taking off.  Do you have a mature cloud strategy that takes into account factors that really matter for healthcare companies?  Do you want to benefit from the healthcare cloud, but need help developing a coordinated plan that reduces cost and introduces simplicity, without taking on unnecessary risk?

Our Solution

Prosperata helps healthcare organizations strike the right balance of cloud versus on-premise options for their enterprise applications. Prosperata’s healthcare cloud strategy takes into consideration security risks, compliance needs, cloud vendor performance, application flexibility, nature of vendor contracts, administrative simplicity, ease of migration, scalability and total cost of ownership.
We analyze your business workloads as well as availability and security needs of your current and planned application stacks. We assess the possibility for deploying the healthcare cloud for individual applications based on twelve key considerations important for healthcare. We estimate migration cost and complexity, document risk factors and develop short-term and long-term proof of value. Once an enterprise plan is developed, we can assist with vendor selection, proof of concepts and application migrations.

 The end result is a well-chosen combination of public, private and/or hybrid clouds across SaaS/PaaS/IaaS options that are in line with your organization’s business objectives.

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