Healthcare Data Warehouse Modernization

Business Challenge

Did you make your initial investments in a data warehouse several years ago?  Have these systems grown through patchwork and now provide diminishing returns? Are you losing sleep because your data warehouse is not able to keep pace with rapidly changing business demands and growing data volumes?

Our Solution

Analytics technology has come a long way in the last few years and so has the complexity of the data needs of your business. Columnar databases, text analytics, mobile analytics, Hadoop, in-memory analysis, in-stream analysis are just a few examples of relatively new technologies. Prosperata helps healthcare companies modernize a low performing data warehouse program so that it is well matched to the growing demands of the business.

Prosperata’s RESCUE methodology includes a 3-pronged deep dive within your data warehouse setup – business workload analysis, architectural evaluation and systems evaluation. We use a “No Reference Architecture” approach to match your unique business workloads with the most appropriate architectural design elements. We are well versed with the latest technological developments in this space and their level of success in the healthcare industry. Since we are tool neutral, we reuse your current investments to the extent possible and avoid expensive rebuilds or migrations. You will get a practical approach to data warehouse modernization that considers your business circumstances, timelines, cost parameters and resources.

The end result is a modern data warehouse program that you can count on to support the organization exceedingly well for the foreseeable future.

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