Clinical, patient engagement key to ACO success

Implementing an accountable care organization is nearly impossible without high-quality clinical engagement

Unleashing innovation in Healthcare: What we can learn from SpaceX and Tesla?

With the industry-wide shift to accountable care and value-based payment models, many provider organizations

AHIP: Use predictive analytics to drive decisions, control costs

AHIP: Use predictive analytics to drive decisions, control costs.

Big data in healthcare: What’s holding everyone back

Big data and data analytics open doors to precision medicine, population health and value-based care. But health IT professionals still face major barriers.

Bringing the Amazon experience to patients

Tom Sullivan writes the Innovation Pulse column for Healthcare IT News, and covers major HIT topics including mHealth, medical practices, government policy, and emerging technologies.

Survey: Providers need better cost analytics tools for payments

Erin McCann is Managing Editor at Healthcare IT News. She covers healthcare privacy and security, meaningful use, ambulatory care and healthcare policy.

A beginners guide to data analytics

This is Part I of our three-part June 2015 print cover story on healthcare analytics. Part I focuses on the first steps of launching an analytics program. Part II focuses on intermediate strategies,

How Healthcare Big Data Analytics Is Tackling Chronic Disease

Chronic disease management is the most expensive, fastest growing, and most intractable problem facing healthcare providers in every nation on Earth. More than 95 percent of the world